산업공학 교과과정 표
Category Course Code Classification Course Title Cred.-Lect.-Exp. Prerequisite Remark
Required CN510 Lecture Advanced Carbon Neutral Technologies 3-3-0
Required CN520 Lecture Advanced Carbon Neutral Policy 3-3-0
Required CN590 Research Seminar 1-1-0
Required CN690 Research Master’s Research Value of Credit
Required CN890 Research Doctoral Research Value of Credit
Elective CN500 Lecture Special Topics in Organic Chemistry I 3-3-0
Elective CN501 Lecture Chemical Engineering Nanotechnology 3-3-0
Elective CN502 Lecture Nanochemistry (Nano and Porous Materials) 3-3-0
Elective CN503 Lecture Solid State Chemistry 3-3-0
Elective CN504 Lecture Advanced Materials Science 3-3-0
Elective CN505 Lecture Advanced Materials Analysis 3-3-0
Elective CN506 Lecture Techno-economic analysis 3-3-0
Elective CN507 Lecture Introduction to Environmental Analysis 3-3-0
Elective CN508 Lecture Environmental Data Mining 3-3-0
Elective CN509 Lecture Introduction to Energy Science and Engineering 3-3-0
Elective CN512 Lecture Advanced Enzyme Engineering 3-3-0
Elective CN513 Lecture Catalysis 3-3-0
Elective CN514 Lecture Advanced Electrochemistry 3-3-0
Elective CN521 Lecture Carbon Neutrality and Social Transformation 3-3-0
Elective CN530 Lecture Biomass Utilization Technology 3-3-0
Elective CN531 Lecture Introduction to Membrane Technology to Water/Wastewater Treatment 3-3-0
Elective CN540 Lecture Climate and Air Pollution :
Integrated Approach
Elective CN550 Lecture Organic and Nano Optoelectronic Materials 3-3-0
Elective CN551 Lecture Principles of Device Physics 3-3-0
Elective CN552 Lecture Special Topics on Solar Energy 3-3-0
Elective CN553 Lecture Special Topics on Solar Cells 3-3-0
Elective CN600 Lecture Special Topics on Carbon Neutral 3-3-0
Elective CN610 Lecture Advanced Electrocatalysis 3-3-0
Elective CN611 Lecture Gas Hydrates and Climate Change 3-3-0
Elective CN612 Lecture Air Pollution Management 3-3-0
Elective CN614 Lecture Environmental Biotechnology 3-3-0
Elective CN615 Lecture Carbon Capture and Storage Technology 3-3-0
Elective CN630 Lecture Current Topics of Synthetic Biology 3-3-0
Elective CN640 Lecture Climate-Environment Modeling 3-3-0
Elective CN650 Lecture Renewable Energy Engineering
(Energy Conversion Devices)
Elective CN651 Lecture Catalysis for Energy Conversion :
Production of Solar Hydrogen
Elective CN652 Lecture Urban Photovoltaic Systems 3-3-0
Elective CN653 Lecture Photovoltaics and Zero Energy Buildings 3-3-0
Elective CN660 Lecture Introduction to Hydrogen Technology 3-3-0
Elective CN661 Lecture Hydrogen Safety 3-3-0
Elective CN662 Lecture Hydrogen Policy 3-3-0