Major and Degree

Major and Degree
College Graduate School Major Degree (MS) Degree (Ph.D)
College of Engineering Graduate School of Carbon Neutrality Carbon Neutrality
(Energy Engineering)
Master of Science Doctor of Philosophy
Carbon Neutrality
(Chemical Engineering)
Carbon Neutrality

Degree Requirement

Degree Requirement
Course Credit Mandatory course Publication Note
Master’s Program At least 28
(course credit: 18,
research credit: 10)
1) The Seminar:
At least 2 credits
2) Required Course
: CNI510, CNI520
Foreign Language Test
– 2022 entrants
: official English test score should be submitted before graduation
– 2023 entrants~
: no requirements
Doctoral Program At least 60
(course credit: 15,
research credit: 45)
At least one paper publication in SCI(E) journal as the first author
* Being accepted is also acknowledged
Combined Master’s Doctoral Program At least 60
(course credit: 24,
research credit: 36)


Qualifying Exam Guideline

Qualifying Exam Guideline
Category Contents
When The qualifying exam (QE) can be taken twice a year, once per semester (Spring and Fall).
The specific date may be determined by the applicant in consulation with his/her QE committee.
The QE deadline aligns with the last day of each semester.
Students are recommended to take their first QE during the 4th semester.
Criteria Presentation and Oral Examination
(Upon successful completion of the QE, students are required to apply for both the pre-defense and final defense as part of the graduation process.)
Subjects Students should primarily focus on presenting their research background and properly answer any subsequent questions from the committee.
Required Time 15 minutes of presentation + 30 minutes of Q&A
Composition of committee 3 members including the academic advisor
The composition of committee members should be determined through discussion between the applicant and the academic advisor.
Passing Standard Above 70 out of 100 (including 70) from each committee member
– Evaluation Criteria: Basic knowledge and understanding (50) + Presentation contents (30) + Presentation ability and attitude (20)
Measures on Unsuccessful Students Those who failed the first QE are allowed to take 1 more QE
(Students cannot take QE twice within 1 semester)
Standard for Application Both Ph.D and MS-Ph.D students must pass the QE within their 6th semester.
Note These guidelines are effective from entrants from the academic year 2022 onward.