About Us


Head of Graduate School of Carbon Neutrality
Seo, Yongwon

UNIST Graduate School of Carbon Neutrality sets its sights on developing standard model of carbon neutral education in order to proactively respond to be in line with the rise of the global new paradigm, 2050 carbon neutrality and training scientifically and technologically talented human resources, who have high-quality of professionalism and understanding regarding carbon neutral technology and relevant policy.

UNIST Graduate School of Carbon Neutrality will educate and research focusing on 4 topics; carbon dioxide capture‧utilization‧storage, hydrogen production‧transportation‧storage, renewable energy including solar cell, and environmental managing policy including ESG.


Through newly innovative educational and research program for training convergent talents, students will grow as global experts and play a leading role in the carbon neutral research field at home and abroad.


Especially, UNIST Graduate School of Carbon Neutrality which is placed in Ulsan, the city where carbon dioxide emitting industries such as petrochemicals, oil refining, and shipbuilding, etc. are concentrated, is the best venue for developing carbon neutral research and demonstration. Therefore, we will definitely take the lead on accelerating to carbon neutral society by producing outstanding individuals through not only scientific and technological world but also industrial world.


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