Schedule for 2024 Spring Graduation and Required Documents

If anyone who is planning to graduate in this semester, please refer to the following information.
Every graduation document should be submitted to the academic staff in the Academic & Students Affairs Team of the College of Engineering (Bldg.108, Rm.U203-2).

※ Students who were eliminated from last semester’s thesis defense and are preparing to plead again have to apply for graduation and the Nomination of These Committee.

1. Notification for graduation (Degree conferment)

① Students planning to graduate must apply for graduation.
(‘Registration for Graduation’: Portal→Graduation→Request for Graduation (~May 17th(Fri))
② Please use attached ‘Guideline’ to check whether you have followed guidelines of thesis writing properly and submitted related documents. Please remember that your thesis will be kept and recorded afterwards and make sure you comply with the guidelines.
③ Please be noted of template change. When using the template also read the guideline carefully.
④ Procedure of nomination of thesis committee and submitting related documents has been changed. Please read the attached manual carefully.
⑤ Please observe the research ethics when writing your thesis, and be fully aware of the contents written on the research ethics pledge. Fill in the ‘Pledge of Observance of research ethics’ form and submit it to your affiliated college(school) administrative office by the deadline of nominating thesis committee(~May 22nd(Wed))
⑥ Each department(School) or major can have own requirements, so please double check your affiliation‘s requirements.

2. Guidelines for thesis defense

① Defense Guidelines (Deadline: June 14th(Fri))
– Student and advisor can discuss and choose how to conduct thesis defense among following 3 options : Offline Defense, Online Defense, Simultaneous On&Offline Defense (The same criteria will be applied if student can’t enter Korea, but students must follow advisor’s guidance)
② Guidelines for related documents
– Using E-Signature is permitted. But be sure the file resolution is not too low.
– Nomination of Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation Examining Committee: Students should nominate the thesis committee through portal. Committee members'(Except advisor) signature can be omitted (Only obtain student and advisor’s signature) (Electronic signature is allowed)
– Masters Thesis Doctoral Dissertation Approval Form: All committee members’ signature must be obtained. (Electronic signature is allowed)
※ When obtaining e-signature, ① Insert the electronic signature picture file into MS Word format or ② Use the PDF form attached and submit it in one document

3. Related Schedule


Things to

~May 17th(Fri)

Registration for Graduation
Portal→Graduation→Request for Graduation(~May. 17th(Fri))
Nomination of Thesis Committee(Through Portal)
Portal→Graduation→Thesis/Dissertation Info→Graduate Thesis Management→Input your information→Print out the form→Get Advisor & Committee’s signature→Upload through Portal→Submit to your College(School) administrative office
*Portal Input :~May. 17th(Fri)
*Submission of signed application form :~May. 22nd(Wed)
* Submission of Pledge of observation of research ethics pledge:~May. 22nd(Wed)
※Foreign Language Test: Implemented in accordance with the guidelines presented by each department(school)/major

~June 14th(Fri)

Composition of Thesis Committee
– Master’s Degree : 3 members(Outsiders with a doctorate in a similar field can be appointed up to one of the dissertation examiners)
– Doctoral Degree : 5 members (Outsiders with a doctorate in a similar field or Faculty members from other departments shall be appointed as one or more of the dissertation examiners, and there shall be three or more faculty members of UNIST.)
– Student should submit the thesis/dissertation to the committee members 15 days before the defense.
※Thesis Defense
Plagiarism Judgment
– The result of plagiarism checking should be submitted together with the thesis/dissertation
– If the result of plagiarism judgment is 20% or more, students★must★submit plagiarism judgment form.
Turnitin (Plagiarism checking program)
UNIST Library website→Research Supports→Plagiarism Prevention Tool→Turnitin
(Details are announced in the website.)
– Turnitin Inquiry: Yulee Kwon, Library Team (Tel: 1405,
– Judgment Inquiry: Educational Affairs team or College(School) Administrative office

~June 21st(Fri)

Submission of Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form (Submit to College office)
* In case the result of plagiarism judgment is 20% or more, submit plagiarism judgement form together

May 27th(Mon)
~July 5th(Fri)

Exit interview

June 17th(Mon)
~July 5th(Fri)

Application for graduation clearance

July 15th(Mon)

Submit your electronic thesis file: July 15th(Mon)~17(Wed)
Hardcover Submission: July 18th(Thu)~19(Fri) Submit to the Library: 3 Copies each

Academic Staff: Minjung An (052-217-1806 /