2024-1 Qualifying Exam

The Graduate School of Carbon Neutrality would like to notify you of Qualifying Exam schedule and process for 2024-1st semester as below.

  1. Application: [Portal] – [Academic Affairs] – [Graduation] – [Qualifying Exam] – [Application for Q.E]


  1. Application period : ~ 2024.05.31.(Fri) 18:00


  1. Process and period

– Application/Taking/Passing the Q.E (=Pre-defense) within 2 years (4th semester)
Students should be done with Q.E as of 2024.06.14., last day of the regular semester
→ If you can’t finish Q.E due to some situation like scheduling with committee members, you might have maximum 1 more week after telling the staff
※ In case of fail, there’s just one more chance in another semester / Failing again, students need to graduate school with MS degree (Combined M.S.-Ph.D. students) or apply for the dropping out of the school (Ph.D. students)

  1. Time: Presentation 15 minutes + Q&A 30 minutes



– PASS: Above 70 out of 100 (including 70) from each committee member
– FAIL: Below 70 out of 100 from 1 or more committee member

  1. Composition of Committee

– 3 members including the advisor regardless of 1st/2nd Q.E.
※ Must be selected after discussing with the advisor / UNIST Faculty can be included in the committee

  1. Evaluation Guideline: Refer to attachment


  1. Evaluation form: Refer to attachment

– Committee members may submit the results directly to Minjung An, College of Engineering. ( / Room U203-2, Bldg 108)

  1. Notice of result: End of June 2024 ~ Early July 2024

– Notice: through email to all Q.E. applicants
– Check out the result: [Portal] – [Academic Affairs] – [Graduation] – [Qualifying Exam]

  1. Remark (FAQ)

1) Providing committee members with the Q.E evaluation form for each printing out the form attached above on the Q.E day
2) Providing committee members with the brief Q.E presentation materials for each
3) Pre-defense means the pre-step of the final defense, so you should have pre-defense before the final defense apart from the Q.E. (It is not allowed to have pre-defense and final defense in same semester)
4) Research proposal submission is mandatory for all UNIST graduate students: it should be submitted until their 4th semester (until the vacation ends) regardless of the Q.E result. If students don’t submit this research proposal during their 4th semester, students should submit the ‘Letter for delay submission of research proposal’ additionally and it should be approved by the Academic Affiars Operation Committee.
※ Portal Announcement: [G] Schedule of research proposal submission for 2024-1st semester

  1. Inquiry: Minjung An (052-217-1806 / / Bldg.108, Rm.U203-2)